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I'm destroyed

2017-03-08 20:38:39 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, Valeria here, making another post and to be honest this is my most serious post i've ever posted here

Well, this is kinda a horror story of me, i suffered the most horrible experience that a woman can suffer, here in my natal country there's a lot of ugly people who damages others just for satisfaction.

I got abused (You know, in a sexual mode). My feelings, my emotions, my everything disappeared in that moment, most of you guys will call me an atention whore or something like that, but no, i just like to share my experience to vent myself (i don't know the word).

My friend @Nikki-Chi knows the full story, you can ask her whatever you want.

And because of that this future projects will be cancelled temporally or cancelled forever:

  • Moriah Pereira (a.k.a Poppy) collab (pending)
  • The Katawa Shoujo: Restrung album (on progress)
  • My incoming new song called "Melodies" (released)
  • My future album called "Is The Kitten Awake?" (on progress)

I made you some spoiler, but it was necessary.

Anyways, thanks for reading this incompleted story, feel free to ask whatever you want... I love you <3


I'm Poppy?

2017-03-06 01:00:16 by ValeriaKitten

Poppy x Lovely Kitten confirmed?

Can i upload this?

2017-02-13 21:55:26 by ValeriaKitten

Can i upload a remix of Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight, the violin notes are pitched up to don't have problems with copyright.


2017-02-11 16:45:51 by ValeriaKitten



2017-02-09 23:31:22 by ValeriaKitten

Unirrelavant post confirmed :V x2

Tomorrow i'll be dead in my school

February 14th

2017-02-09 03:29:44 by ValeriaKitten

I don't know why i put the heart-eyed mood if i don't have a boyfriend #UnirrelevantPostOnNewgrounds #Hashtag :V

Do you want it today?

2017-02-06 15:35:14 by ValeriaKitten


Thank you TomFulp

2017-02-01 19:18:57 by ValeriaKitten

Thank you very much for stopping this drama! It's really good that both sides are taking actions for the caring of the site, the game and the artists

Hello Newgrounds community Valeria here and today i'm talking about this stupid drama

Hey guys! most of you should known about the stupid, incoherent and sadly post of this Newgrounds moderator called @Troisnyx and i'm here to expose some "failures" or some points that got my attention, so let's get roll into the NEWS (Keemstar confirmed :V)

Okay, let's get serious, let's start with the beginning of her post:

"They treat off-brand and new artists on Newgrounds like shit"

In the third paragraph of her post, she said that Geometry Dash users are treating Newgrounds artists like shit, and that's not true... I've been a player of Geometry Dash since 1.9 update (The "Newgrounds update") and GD community supports a lot of artists. For example in my case, one of my songs got featured in 2.0 update and no one in the community of the game are treating me like shit. Yes i know i created some posts talking about the low rate of all my songs but to be honest, haters will be part of your career as a musician, artist, animator etcetera.

By the way, i had to private the song and all the users requested me via Twitter (Direct message) to reupload the song again. So, GD community is NOT making feel "like shit" to Newgrounds musicians.

Next point:

"They harrass well-established musicians on Newgrounds, like @Waterflame@Xtrullor and @ThisIsTheFatRat, pressing them to enable download on ALL their songs or make them available for use on Geometry Dash."

Let's talk about Xtrullor, he decided to make all his songs private for a time, then he decided to re-publish all his stuff, but now, he turn off the downloads and he provided a free download link to a Cloud Storage sever called MEGA, it's kinda strange for me because he doesn't want that his songs in GD but he provides a free download link.

Now let's continue with Waterflame, If you click in the section "Hire me!" and if we go down to the site we found this: 

"RobTop Games (2014-2016)

   7 licensed songs and custom tracks for the game Geometry Dash For mobile devices and Steam"

Don't take care of the date, we're starting 2017

With TheFatRat, The creator of Creative! Records "Leonardo" talked to him asking and NOT HARASSING HIM to upload the song "No No No", and he accepted.

Next point:

"They flood the Audio Portal with Skrillex, MLG, Five Nights at Freddy's, and a whole host of songs made by others which they do not have rights to."

In the 7 years being in this site (i'm not counting the creation of my account), i never saw the audio portal "FLOOD" with MLG songs, Skrillex songs, or Five Nights At Freddy's songs, it's obvious that the users submitted those songs but to be honest you shouldn't exagerated with saying that the Audio Portal was "FLOOD" with those songs.

Next point:

"They fire off abusive comments on people's songs, and passive-agressive messges on people's inboxes. The relevant artists and moderators take the brunt of it, of course."

Nobody likes haters, haters are everywhere, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even in this site, so i understood that nobody here likes the criticism. Yes i know again, i dedicated one post to that haters but to be completely honest, i just made to generate opinions about them.


Now i finish the 1st part of analysing some curious parts of her post, and now let's get started with analysing the message between one GD user and this pseudo-moderator. Let's begin:

"...I ask you to unlock and everyone who puts other people's songs. Waiting for your reply!"

This fragment of the GD user message is wrong, this is not YouTube lol, Newgrounds doesn't like curator users or labels in here (i don't know 100% sure of music labels)

"One: our site knows TheWeebl, James Lee, Egoraptor, the late Eddsworld, Chluaid, Waterflame, Xtrullor and F-777. We knew Alien Hominid, SexualLobster, Castle Crashers and Meat Boy, a good few of which have become actual MASS-SELLING CONSOLE TITLES. PS4 and Xbox 360. I go to Game and CEX and I still see the hard copies and gift vouchers for Newgrounds creations.
So don't be so fucking pretentious as to think that just because your precious little game has exploded in popularity that NG was never big. I got news for you buddy, NG was achieving big looooong before you guys showed up."

Animators have a bigger fanbase outside Newgrounds, also Newgrounds has a big credit for being the house of the animators.

The games like Castle Crashers and Super Meat Boy are also INDEPENDENT RELEASES SUCH AS GEOMETRY DASH, so, if Geometry Dash started here in Newgrounds, this drama may never existed (Drama created by @Troisnyx) and all the artists who signed the petition will be confortable with the game.

Yeah, i know Newgrounds is more older than Geometry Dash, but let's be honest, Geometry Dash increased the visits of the site since Robert Topala implemented the custom songs for the creation of new levels.

And yup, be careful with your innapropiate language to another users...


Now let's finish this post giving my conclusions:

1.- Geometry Dash users are good people who don't OFFEND or TREAT LIKE SHIT Newgrounds users

2.- Geometry Dash users don't harass Newgrounds artists, maybe a little percentage of the community (like 0.01% of millions of players) can harass but don't say it that ALL the community harass the artists.

3.- Investigate more of your artists (Like Waterflame), he licensed his songs for the game.

4.- It's so sad that you want to destroy one game community, let's imagine that Super Meat Boy started in other place and uses some songs for the audio portal, you may create the same drama.

That's all for my part and sorry if you find some grammar mistakes, my english is not 100% accurate



The end?

2017-01-19 23:14:46 by ValeriaKitten

Well, this post is to explain something about the tropical house songs.

In this community, a huge percentage of the people love Dubstep, i'm more focused at House genre, and to be honest, my songs are not receiving the amount of support that i want, don't interpret this as a bad way. I love the people who take the time to comment my songs, and i love it, but it's a short amount of people.

I really want to continue this "Saga/series/album", but i really need more support, i love to make tropical house music, but i think that nobody likes it.