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What is going on with me?

2017-09-07 22:52:57 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, Valeria here and most of you want to know what is going on with me and my incoming projects

Well... It's been kinda a long time since my last post and you guys may be wondering what's going on with my incoming projects and me in general.

First of all, what i have in mind?. For the next 4 weeks i'll continue the 4 left songs of #MonsterTheStory album and when i finished uploading everything, i'm gonna be making some single releases until December.

By the time it's December, i'll be releasing on a EP i'm preparing for everyone and the best part that everything will be made on Ableton, it's a new DAW for me, even though 2 songs of #MonsterTheStory were made in Ableton.

And last in 2018 i'll be officially releasing the part 2 of #MonsterTheStory with a really big twist compared to the 1st album.

Now starting with me, i return to school three weeks ago, and the process of making the Part 2 is really difficult, because of the time, if you are wondering there are only 4 tracks completed from the 2nd Part of the album, but don't worry everything will be fine.

By the way, D.Va Records has released 2 premiere songs, the first one is the track 11 from #MonsterTheStory and the second one is the track 4 of #MonsterTheStoryPart2, i'll give you some links to her SoundCloud account.

Why releasing an EP on December?

Why until December and why you made your first EP if you have 3 albums (Kittens Attack, Is The Kitten Awake? and Aftermath)?

First, i'm planning to release it on December just for a special album, my gift for these years of support (Not only in Newgrounds, since 2011 when i started making music).

And why an EP if i have 3 albums? Well, this EP will be officially launched via Bandcamp as my first selling album, i'll figure out how to make a code or something related to give you a free download, maybe it's price will be an amount more than 0.50 dollars. If you don't want to pay, you'll have to wait to make a code for Bandcamp  (i don't even know if that's possible) or leave it for free for limited time or just wait for it's release on Newgrounds.

And well guys, stay tuned for more news for #MonsterTheStory and the EP, you can look for the name and the cover of the EP on my twitter. Here's the links of D.Va Records


Thanks for reading this and see you soon!


Quitting Instrumentals

2017-08-10 14:53:00 by ValeriaKitten

Another shitty post of me complaining

Hello everybody, just me again, talking to you, saying that i'm quitting of doing instrumental music. I don't know, it's just sad that your fanbase don't support you when haters attack and put a low rate to songs who are really complicated to make.

Why i'm making this post? Because of my latest upload, The Legend Of Zelda cover, took a long time to be completed and boom 3.52 stars (At 1:51 PM Mexican hour).

When i checked the track today in the morning, it de-motivated me to continue making instrumentals.



Mixcloud & Birthday

2017-07-05 17:50:11 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, an annoucement post that you may know what it is

Hey guys, what's up, your girl Valeria here and i'm so happy to announce my new Mixcloud official account, if you don't know what Mixcloud is, It's a page that you only have to upload DJ mixes, podcast and radio shows.

Well, i'm a DJ for around 8 years, and uploading my mixes to SoundCloud is practically impossible because of copyright. So i discovered Mixcloud (Like 6 months ago lol) and finally yesterday (from this post) i uploaded my newest mix. Be sure to support me, following me in Mixcloud.

Also, that mix was included in a DJ battle between me a DEIS. So go to the bottom of this post to check all the links.


And finally something kinda unnecesary but TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! I'll be turning 18 and that's it! (Yeah, really cool Valeria, everybody is excited!, you stupid)


Check out all this links for supporting me on Mixcloud:

Thanks for reading this and see you soon!


Being a Supporter

2017-06-29 22:46:38 by ValeriaKitten

Finally i had the opportunity to be part of the "Mighty Wall of Honor"

Just a short post telling you that i became a supporter for one year. Seriously, helping this awesome site is simply awesome.

This site has to be online forever and becaming a supporter make me feel that the site can stay forever.

Love you guys and love you Newgrounds!


Really sad facts of me

2017-05-31 00:16:18 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys what's up, it's ya girl here Valeria and today's post i'll mention some sad and tragical experiences or facts that happened to me, i'll start from the less sad to the worst one

  1. I had two dogs, but they became "crazy" and me and my family decided that we had to "sacrifice" them, i was like 11 years old.
  2. All the time, i used to stay with my grandparents after school, my mother worked from 7 AM to 6 PM, so i decided to brought with me all my 15 games of my Nintendo 3DS to school, for no waiting my mother from her work, on the breaktime, i played with my console without showing my games (My games were on my backpack), and magically they disappeared, but i didn't notice it until i was on home. I cried a lot because i lost like 4 years of hard "work" and money, talking about money I've lost 801 dollars in games (15000 mexican pesos and 1077 canadian dollars). The happy thing of this is that i rescued the game console.
  3. I met a very cute girl called Fernanda (yeah, here in Mexico), she was extremely shy and quiet, one day i asked her "Why you don't want to talk someone?" and she said "I'm just tired of this society, i'm like garbage". The same day, i saw her on the edge of the corridor (2nd floor) and i almost stop her for commiting suicide, tragically i couldn't stop her, she died instantly.

  4. I had a boyfriend, we were together for 2 years and 7 months, one day he was super drunk, he started to curse me, he beat me up leaving me bruises, and finally raping me, my life was completely destroyed, i was seriously thinking about commiting suicide, but i met someone very special in this site @Nikki-Chi, i talked to her via Twitter explaining her all the shit that happened to me. She helped me giving me very cute "Support messages" and prays. I went to the psychologist.

  5. I won't extend too much with this, but my grandparents, my mom and my dad died. Simply as that.

You may ask "Valeria how do you surpass everything?" the answer is really simple, nothing can change the past, it won't repair nothing if you cry every day of your life, i'm not saying that crying is not bad, it's all the opposite, it really helps.

Other may say "Valeria, you're such a fucking attention whore!", sharing my experiences here is like a therapy, reading others opinion is very cool and confortable.

Well guys that's all for today and tomorrow i'll be writing very happy facts and experiences!


Another one? YES! IS THAT A PROBLEM, okay i'll relax and let's start

  1. I have a little brother, he's 16
  2. I hate my brother because one day he hid my laptop, i almost cry
  3. @RealFaction is the first person who gave me a shoutout to my profile when i had like 40 followers, check him out!, his voice is REALLY deep.
  4. When i was 9, i had a scooter (not the motorcycle) and there was a man getting drunk, he threw away the bottle, all the glass was on the floor, then i passed near of him and i fell down cutting all my hand
  5. My first PC had Windows 98
  6. When i'm alone, i put my music at all volume, and my neighbour almost disconnect the full electricity of my house, yeah i'm a troublemaker
  7. When i moved to Mexico, my english started to be more shitty, so if you find some grammar errors, please tell me
  8. Geometry Dash inspired me to be part of Newgrounds
  9. I love videogames
  10. I'm very tall (5'9, i'm a fucking tree) [1.79 meters]
  11. Sometimes my eyes are green in pictures (They're blue)
  12. Spoiler: I finished my new album "Aftermath", You guys want the album in here or SoundCloud?
  13. Two guys in Battlefield 4 started to stalk me, finding all my social media and commenting stupid shit
  14. 2+2 = Fish
  15. My name was going to be Alexandria, but my parents decided for Valeria
  16. Some random guy that i found on Battlefield 4, started to gift me some games, like Overwatch and all the DLC's of Rocket League, i was like "Mate, why the fuck did you do that? That's very expensive" and he answered me "I don't care"
  17. I went to the school with slippers
  18. I tried Ableton for making music, but it's way more complicated
  19. 1+1 = 11
  20. Poppy inspired me to make the album "Marbles: Music To Sleep To", that project is kinda stuck
  21. I hate feet, even mine
  22. I like to draw, but it's very shitty for being in the Art section of this site
  23. Minecraft = Relaxing game for ever
  24. I have an extreme fear of Razor blades, i faint if i had one near of my face

That's all for today, tomorrow i'll be releasing the technical details of "Aftermath" and maybe more curious facts about me


Some facts about me

2017-05-29 00:49:28 by ValeriaKitten

It's me Valeria, some curious facts about me:

  1. I'm a 7 years old EDM producer and a 10 years old DJ, so practically i'm a "veteran" in this world.
  2. I'm 18 years old
  3. My full name is Valeria Wright
  4. I'm Canadian, but i'm currently living in Mexico
  5. I love cats, seriously i love them
  6. I had some tragical experiences, the most important was mentioned in my last post
  7. I joined Creative! Records in 2015 and today i'm working alongside it's creator!
  8. I'm a "gamer girl", but i don't like to be called like that.
  9. I know 3 languages, English (Canada), French (Alexandria, Ontario) and Spanish (Mexico)
  10. Valeria and Valerie is practically the same thing, so you can call me as you want
  11. I'm from Alexandria, Ontario
  12. My oldest DJ name was Realtek, i took that name because of the brand of my old laptop's soundcard
  13. You can add me on Origin and Steam, so we can play together some Battlefield or Rocket League (it's the same username)
  14. My dad introduced me to the electronic music world, with the song Arena (j3n5on Edit)
  15. I hate SoundCloud, but i have one
  16. I love chocolates and strawberries covered with chocolate
  17. I love being a weirdo just for making my friends happy (When they're sad)
  18. I'm a big fan of Lindsey Stirling
  19. I got strongly addicted to Poppy.
  20. Spinnin' Records and me? Well, i'll resume you the full story. "My songs = No money until the next year for me, but money for them since the release date"

And i think that's enough, i'll update this list tomorrow with more anecdotes and curiousities


I'm destroyed

2017-03-08 20:38:39 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, Valeria here, making another post and to be honest this is my most serious post i've ever posted here

Well, this is kinda a horror story of me, i suffered the most horrible experience that a woman can suffer, here in my natal country there's a lot of ugly people who damages others just for satisfaction.

I got abused (You know, in a sexual mode). My feelings, my emotions, my everything disappeared in that moment, most of you guys will call me an atention whore or something like that, but no, i just like to share my experience to vent myself (i don't know the word).

My friend @Nikki-Chi knows the full story, you can ask her whatever you want.

And because of that this future projects will be cancelled temporally or cancelled forever:

  • Moriah Pereira (a.k.a Poppy) collab (pending)
  • The Katawa Shoujo: Restrung album (on progress)
  • My incoming new song called "Melodies" (released)
  • My future album called "Is The Kitten Awake?" (on progress)

I made you some spoiler, but it was necessary.

Anyways, thanks for reading this incompleted story, feel free to ask whatever you want... I love you <3


I'm Poppy?

2017-03-06 01:00:16 by ValeriaKitten

Poppy x Lovely Kitten confirmed?

Can i upload this?

2017-02-13 21:55:26 by ValeriaKitten

Can i upload a remix of Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight, the violin notes are pitched up to don't have problems with copyright.