Need help in Mastering

2017-07-10 15:11:12 by ValeriaKitten

Hello guys Valeria here and really i need your help.

Moment Of Decision is a very special track for me, the first version i uploaded was "mastered" in a wrong way, there were some distortion and peaks who totally ruined the song.

The second version (the one in my profile), low frequencies are kinda high and there's one instrument that ruins it's part.

Now i'm editing the third version of the song, but i suck and i can't get the exact values i want.

Can someone give me some advices in how to masterize classical songs? If you're curious, the plugins are: East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition and Nexus/Native Instruments: The Grandeur


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2017-07-10 16:05:23

What's the actual instruments from said plugins you're using? I might be able to give what little help I can from experience.

ValeriaKitten responds:

If i'm wrong, please tell me:

For the EWQLSO Gold:
- Violin: F SVL LEG VIB, plugin volume: 5.3 db
- Cello: F SVC LEG VIB, plugin volume: 5.8 db

For Nexus:
- PN Nexus Grandpiano, at default settings.

- Cello: 102% 0.4 db
- Violin: 95% -1.2 db
- Piano: 91% -2.1 db


2017-07-10 17:05:58

uhmmm what id do :
-add a limiter (just default one)
-add a fletcher munson curve like EQ (not to harsh tho)
-add yet another limiter so no peaks
-add multiband compressor with the preset "Mastering 2.4dbz" or whatever its called

optional id add yet another limiter an eq to really get everything as u desire and add a limiter so there are no peaks

(thats basically my chain for my master and it works out quite well)

ValeriaKitten responds:

Sorry for being so ignorant, but i add every of them in each instrument channel? or everything directly to the Master?


2017-07-10 18:12:04

My guess is it'll all depend on what the left and right hands are doing on that piano; the cello has a warm tone about it so medium lows are where it's at. If you want to add a tiny, tiny little bit of air, add sibilience, but normally, it works well without. If you need to, add a limiter. If it's not in the forefront, i.e. if it doesn't have a solo part, you're fine slapping one. And as @GobSmacked said, Multiband Compressor is your friend.

With the violin, if it's in the forefront: Multiband Compressor, but I wouldn't NORMALLY see the point of adding another limiter because, in most cases, it makes it sound horribly tinny. Try it anyway; if you do find it sounding tinny, take it off. Parametric EQ on this one should include medium highs to highs, and some sibilence. You can hear air on a violin far more than you would on a piano's highs, for instance.

I'm presuming you're using FL, in which case middle C according to it is C5. If the piano goes to A3 and below, and you don't have a contrabass, then up the 60Hz on the EQ. If you DID have a contrabass it'd normally drown out the piano's bass frequencies but without it, the pianist would be thundering that bass on his pinky. Or rather, it'd just come out a lot clearer on its own.

But keep anything below 60Hz to a minimum. Don't take it completely off, because basses do have a way of making the chest vibrate, to varying degrees. The piano's basses do that, but to a much lesser extent than bass guitar (or contrabass), organ pipes or even drums. 20Hz is the frequency at which the bass can be *FELT* rather than heard, so turn that up just a teeny tiny bit.


2017-07-10 22:40:30

@johnfn's mastering tutorial helped me a lot. Basically, leave the compressor off until the last minute, make sure your audio isn't red-lining without your compressor, etc. Magic mastering plugins don't always do the best job, trust me.

Also, helps if you make a lot of your mixing decisions with the volume turned way down. Our brains can discern good from bad better that way, when they're not distracted by loudness.


2017-07-10 23:32:03

some1 mentioned me

uh yea do the stuff i said in my guide and also, constantly compare to songs to see how they're doing stuff. 80% is just getting the volume levels right.