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Alright, so... this post is about for all the stuff is happening right now between me and my musician life.

Hello everybody, i'm here to tell you some stuff about Lovely Kitten and Valeria, let's be honest, i'm running out of ideas for making more music weekly, i'm not really enjoying making music that fast.

I'm kinda tired of revealing some songs from my upcoming projects like:

  • Moonlight - EP: Launching December 1st
  • Savages: Launching on March 2018
  • Cuddles & Hearts: Launching on February 2018
  • Monster (The Story) Part 2: Starting 2018

I want you guys to be happy every weekend with new music from me, but i'm getting tired of doing it every single week :(.

I really don't know what to do, or if continuing with my abandoned project of "Marbles (Music To Sleep To)", or simply waiting until December to show you my newest EP, but don't worry, let's make a poll.


  1. Continuing with Marbles (Music To Sleep To) + Tropical House song tomorrow (Saturday 4th 2017).
  2. Taking a rest until December with the release of "Moonlight"

It's everything up to you guys, thanks for reading and see you soon!


P.D: As a little ad, check it out my EP at bandcamp!, if you pre-order now you'll get a free legacy FLP file from me! Go to the link below:

That's everything dudes!, love you

Warmer in the Winter "Fail or Success?"

2017-10-22 16:37:37 by ValeriaKitten

 Hey everyone, i'm gonna make my first review and some points of view about Charlie Smart's review from The Daily Campus.

Alright, Lindsey Stirling 4th official album has been released two days ago and some reviews are now approaching to destroy or loving the album.

Warmer in the Winter, with 13 songs which 3 of them are original, we have collaborations with Becky G, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, Sabrina Carpenter and Trombone Shorty.

Well, the album songs are not the traditional Christmas songs you'll always hear on the Holidays season, this is more than that. Lindsey has done it again with her EDM twist, who makes it more complex to understand the Christmas vibe in her album.

Now the arrangements, Lindsey is really good at arrangements, she makes it with popular songs making it sound better? Maybe, not everyone likes arrangements, but in this album it's different, giving popular songs a new vibe and twist, making our 2017 Holiday season way better. Personally i was getting bored of hearing the same Christmas songs, don't get me wrong, i like those songs but hearing the same year to year is kinda boring, and Lindsey's album appeared to the rescue.

Also, if you know Lindsey or at least you heard one of her most popular songs like Crystallize or Shatter Me, you know her style and you can't expect something "mainstream". That's what this album is special, is not a mainstream Christmas album.

The only con in this album was the release date. October 20th? Come on, at least she could release it on November!

Now it's time to analyse and "destroy" Charlie Smart's review (In a subjective way, like his review lawl)

Okay, it's beautiful how he called Lindsey a "none come close to the Mariah Carey standard of contemporary Christmas classics."

Seriously, who on earth will compare Mariah Carey and Lindsey Stirling? They are different styles. Mariah with her contemporary Pop music and Lindsey with her Classical Crossover music, trust me Charlie, learn a little bit of Lindsey and Mariah musical genre.

"We have enough Christmas music. With a few notable exceptions, most of the go-to holiday tunes were recorded before the U.S. had all 50 states, and contemporary releases are usually little more than blatant cash grabs. Throw together a few holiday classics whose copyrights have long expired and you can score yourself a nice payday."

Payday? Cash grabs?. You think we have enough Christmas music? Well, yeah, typical and refried songs every year. Let's start listening something new, like Los Vazquez Sounds christmas cover (Uploaded a few years ago) or Lindsey's album.

"The backing tracks sound like what might play if you googled “royalty-free Christmas music."

Wow, i'm LOLing so hard, maybe he doesn't know what Public domain is.

"Of the album’s 13 tracks, only three are original, and none come close to the Mariah Carey standard of contemporary Christmas classics."

As i said in the beginning, they are 2 different styles. Maybe he's a fan of Mariah as i'm a fan of Lindsey.

“...Warmer in the Winter,” which features the aptly-named trombone player Trombone Shorty. But, Stirling’s violin solo over swinging sleighbells misses all the notes and rhythms that make jazz, well…jazz."

Missing all the notes and rhythms? Wow, i recommend you to study some of Musical Theory or learn more about Jazz or simply learn of notes. How can you base that without knowing about Jazz, or violin? Damn boiiiiiiiii.

"Her “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” is an EDM-backed mess that would make Tchaikovsky glad he didn’t live to hear it. The arrangements on “I Saw Three Ships” and “Silent Night,” where Stirling takes a more traditional approach, are simple and uninspired.

Or maybe he doesn't know what a "Crossover genre" is, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy <--- Yeah, it's Fairy, not fairies lawl V: .  Well an EDM mess? You should hear some real EDM mess like the millionaire "Italian Stallion" Gianluca Vacchi's song Viento (italian stallion as Spinnin Records tag him). And again, the arrangements has Lindsey essence something that a "mainstreamy" reviewer like you might not understand :).

Conclusions, let's get back in a middle point between subjective and objective.

It can be possible that Charlie heard Lindsey's arrangement of "All I Want For Christmas". A very popular cover of Mariah Carey and he based all of his review out of this song.

Anyways. Sorry for being so subjective at "destroying" the review... But it deserve it >:3. Just kidding, they are some inconsistency about what he said and it's kinda unfair to critique and comparing an EDM Christmas album with the traditional Christmas music we always hear in this season.

Thanks for reading and if you want to say something be free to do it, i can improve my next reviews with your comments!.


Support Me On Bandcamp!

2017-10-16 00:49:03 by ValeriaKitten

Hello friends, today i'm doing another post announcing some news about my Bandcamp page

Well, let's get started. A few weeks ago i made my Bandcamp page, giving you the opportunity to get exclusives songs and future albums.

The purpose of my Bandcamp page is for donations, with benefits such as unlimited stream and legacy FLPs and obviously unlimited stream for Bandcamp (Mobile App).

Okay, so i got 3 current products in my page:

  1. Moonlight - EP (Pre-Order): Yes, my upcoming album is now on Pre-Sale, when you buy the EP, you'll get 2 benefits, the 4th song of the EP and one document text with instructions to get a bonus item, spoiler it's a legacy FLP of me!.
  2. Madelynn's Dream: Actually it's free, you can name your price if you want to help. You can get Madelynn's Dream here in Newgrounds, but if you want to help or want to get Hi-Res audio with WAV, FLAC or AIFF formats, you can get it at Bandcamp.
  3. Bad Feelings - Single: Yeah, maybe will be release on Newgrounds in a future, but now, you can buy it in my Bandcamp page, want to remember the classics? Also it's free for stream.

Here are the purchase links:

That's all for today's announcement and see you soon!.




Pre-Order Now - Moonlight!

2017-10-02 03:14:35 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys it's ya girl Valeria Wright and today i'm really excited because my EP Moonlight is now available for Pre-Order on Bandcamp.

As many of you guys now, Moonlight is my first EP contains Chillwave and Future Bass songs, but it's an EP you only will enjoy for 4 dope songs.

For only 2.5 dollars you can pre-order Moonlight and get:

  1. 4th song of the album "Breeze"
  2. Be part of "The Kittens Mighty Wall"
  3. One legacy FLP project of me

You can pre-order here:, all the money raised from the album will be used for getting better equipment for my little home studio (My laptop, headphones and speakers)

That's all for today's announcement and i hope you guys give a lot of love for the album, love you.



Hey guys, welcome back to another post and today i'll be anouncing my Bandcamp page

Finally!, it's here, my bandcamp page. Here i'll be posting some exclusives songs and my upcoming albums such as:

  1. Moonlight
  2. Monster (The Story)
  3. Monster (The Story) Part 2
  4. Savages
  5. Marbles (Music To Sleep To)

Here's the link for my Bandcamp page:

Also, as the title says, an exclusive song will be there, so you can buy it or rip it via stream lol. 

Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this song and welcome to Bandcamp

About: My projects (New & Old)

2017-09-27 18:25:06 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, just an irrelevant post here, you'll see the description of my current and future projects. It is to say the descriptions of all my albums released and upcoming ones.

  1. Toxic Matches: First album of Lovely Kitten, including 3 songs of pure head banging Dubstep and one song of some kind of Hybrid Trap, it's a mystery about the content, but one song is uploaded to Creative! Records channel with the first official name of Lovely Kitten. Album year release: July 31st 2014
  2. Kittens Attack: The second album of Lovely Kitten, this contains a variety of genres including Tropical House, Arabic Trap and some kind of Melbourne Bounce. Album release year: 2016.
  3. Is the Kitten Awake?: Third album of Lovely Kitten, following almost the same steps of Kittens Attack, this album is also filled with a variety of genre included Tropical House. Album release year: 2017.
  4. Aftermath: Fourth album including 5 official songs. Breaking the traditional Tropical House, Lovely Kitten introduced Progressive House to her list also some kind of sad story behind the album. The name of the songs will make us think about "The Beginning", our love, "The Middle" of our life, the aftermath of our decisions and "The Final" of our life. Album year release: 2017.
  5. Aftermath (Deluxe Edition): Complementing the original album with 3 songs of the next genres: Hybrid Trap, Tropical House and Glitch Hop. Album year release: Unreleased.
  6. Monster The Story: Fifth album of Lovely Kitten, this album turns around Nikki, the little monster of this album, you'll travel with her around her sad story, fights, love, revenge and repentance. All the song names has a story. You can imagine the story with the names. You'll feel inside the story following what Nikki's doing. Album year release: 2017
  7. Monster The Story Part 2: Sixth album of Lovely Kitten, Nikki is back, now she's traveling around the world, filled with Hybrid Trap, Dubstep and Future Bass. Album year release: 2018
  8. Moonlight - EP: First EP of Lovely Kitten, this song contains 4 Future Bass songs, The best relaxing songs for a lonely night or simply enjoy it under the Moonlight and rain. Album year release: December 2017
  9. Cuddles and Hearts: Seventh album of Lovely Kitten, again some Future Bass album including 4 songs, those songs are really lovely and emotional, perfect for some cuddles. Album year release October to November 2017
  10. Savages: Eighth album of Lovely Kitten, this is the most savage and extreme album that Lovely Kitten has even made. 11 songs of hard Dubstep, extreme Hybrid Trap and powerful Trap. Album year release: 2018

I'm not feeling fine in this moments. I just need some of your opinions about "What's the meaning of continue living?"

What is going on with me?

2017-09-07 22:52:57 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, Valeria here and most of you want to know what is going on with me and my incoming projects

Well... It's been kinda a long time since my last post and you guys may be wondering what's going on with my incoming projects and me in general.

First of all, what i have in mind?. For the next 4 weeks i'll continue the 4 left songs of #MonsterTheStory album and when i finished uploading everything, i'm gonna be making some single releases until December.

By the time it's December, i'll be releasing on a EP i'm preparing for everyone and the best part that everything will be made on Ableton, it's a new DAW for me, even though 2 songs of #MonsterTheStory were made in Ableton.

And last in 2018 i'll be officially releasing the part 2 of #MonsterTheStory with a really big twist compared to the 1st album.

Now starting with me, i return to school three weeks ago, and the process of making the Part 2 is really difficult, because of the time, if you are wondering there are only 4 tracks completed from the 2nd Part of the album, but don't worry everything will be fine.

By the way, D.Va Records has released 2 premiere songs, the first one is the track 11 from #MonsterTheStory and the second one is the track 4 of #MonsterTheStoryPart2, i'll give you some links to her SoundCloud account.

Why releasing an EP on December?

Why until December and why you made your first EP if you have 3 albums (Kittens Attack, Is The Kitten Awake? and Aftermath)?

First, i'm planning to release it on December just for a special album, my gift for these years of support (Not only in Newgrounds, since 2011 when i started making music).

And why an EP if i have 3 albums? Well, this EP will be officially launched via Bandcamp as my first selling album, i'll figure out how to make a code or something related to give you a free download, maybe it's price will be an amount more than 0.50 dollars. If you don't want to pay, you'll have to wait to make a code for Bandcamp  (i don't even know if that's possible) or leave it for free for limited time or just wait for it's release on Newgrounds.

And well guys, stay tuned for more news for #MonsterTheStory and the EP, you can look for the name and the cover of the EP on my twitter. Here's the links of D.Va Records


Thanks for reading this and see you soon!


Quitting Instrumentals

2017-08-10 14:53:00 by ValeriaKitten

Another shitty post of me complaining

Hello everybody, just me again, talking to you, saying that i'm quitting of doing instrumental music. I don't know, it's just sad that your fanbase don't support you when haters attack and put a low rate to songs who are really complicated to make.

Why i'm making this post? Because of my latest upload, The Legend Of Zelda cover, took a long time to be completed and boom 3.52 stars (At 1:51 PM Mexican hour).

When i checked the track today in the morning, it de-motivated me to continue making instrumentals.



Mixcloud & Birthday

2017-07-05 17:50:11 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, an annoucement post that you may know what it is

Hey guys, what's up, your girl Valeria here and i'm so happy to announce my new Mixcloud official account, if you don't know what Mixcloud is, It's a page that you only have to upload DJ mixes, podcast and radio shows.

Well, i'm a DJ for around 8 years, and uploading my mixes to SoundCloud is practically impossible because of copyright. So i discovered Mixcloud (Like 6 months ago lol) and finally yesterday (from this post) i uploaded my newest mix. Be sure to support me, following me in Mixcloud.

Also, that mix was included in a DJ battle between me a DEIS. So go to the bottom of this post to check all the links.


And finally something kinda unnecesary but TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! I'll be turning 18 and that's it! (Yeah, really cool Valeria, everybody is excited!, you stupid)


Check out all this links for supporting me on Mixcloud:

Thanks for reading this and see you soon!