I'm destroyed

2017-03-08 20:38:39 by ValeriaKitten

Hey guys, Valeria here, making another post and to be honest this is my most serious post i've ever posted here

Well, this is kinda a horror story of me, i suffered the most horrible experience that a woman can suffer, here in my natal country there's a lot of ugly people who damages others just for satisfaction.

I got abused (You know, in a sexual mode). My feelings, my emotions, my everything disappeared in that moment, most of you guys will call me an atention whore or something like that, but no, i just like to share my experience to vent myself (i don't know the word).

My friend @Nikki-Chi knows the full story, you can ask her whatever you want.

And because of that this future projects will be cancelled temporally or cancelled forever:

  • Moriah Pereira (a.k.a Poppy) collab (pending)
  • The Katawa Shoujo: Restrung album (on progress)
  • My incoming new song called "Melodies" (released)
  • My future album called "Is The Kitten Awake?" (on progress)

I made you some spoiler, but it was necessary.

Anyways, thanks for reading this incompleted story, feel free to ask whatever you want... I love you <3



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2017-03-08 20:48:38

that sucks, man. i hope you can recover from that horrifying moment. man, people can be so evil sometimes.


2017-03-08 21:20:12

sad to hear that


2017-03-08 22:33:17

I'm so terribly sorry. It alway wretchs my heart to hear stories like these. I've had to comfort friends of mine who've experienced the same horrors. Please, do try your best to get by, and find comfort with your most trusted companions.


2017-03-08 23:52:55

Sorry to hear that, i hope you're alright now though. :(
I recommend just venting things whenever you need to and just talking to a friend that you can trust, it's not good to keep emotions bottled up you know. and maybe do something that makes you happy like... playing that old video game you usually play or watching that tv show or anime that you always liked or whatever it is that makes you happy really.
Anyway, good luck with life and your projects and i wish you a speedy recovery :)


2017-03-09 02:52:09

Lord have mercy...

I feel you, having been raped a few years ago myself. You are really brave for telling what you did, props. Healing will come slowly and perhaps painfully -- but I am here if you ever need to unburden.


2017-03-09 07:33:30

Whoa. I'm sorry to hear this...


2017-03-09 07:44:10

Really sorry to hear. :(


2017-04-04 11:05:00

Your a strong person, I believe you'll be able to pull through.


2017-04-11 16:22:36

Wake Up Kitten.

You are strong, the evil people will pay his sins.

I can undestand you, Im a sad guy, I will suffered all my life and I will maked stronger than before!

You can do it, I am sure :D


2017-05-16 13:29:13

Hey, I stumbled upon your profile. Was hoping for a silver lining, but I hate to say that I know how you feel. Experience. It's hard for me to talk about beyond that. Just remember: you don't have to be strong. The only thing you have to do is not let it destroy you. That's the best revenge anyone can get against an abuser.

I hope you're doing well.