Quitting Instrumentals

2017-08-10 14:53:00 by ValeriaKitten

Another shitty post of me complaining

Hello everybody, just me again, talking to you, saying that i'm quitting of doing instrumental music. I don't know, it's just sad that your fanbase don't support you when haters attack and put a low rate to songs who are really complicated to make.

Why i'm making this post? Because of my latest upload, The Legend Of Zelda cover, took a long time to be completed and boom 3.52 stars (At 1:51 PM Mexican hour).

When i checked the track today in the morning, it de-motivated me to continue making instrumentals.




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2017-08-10 15:49:55

don't be demotivated by what you perceive as low ratings, try to get better, put the anger towards a good place. cheers


2017-08-10 15:54:53

As someone once told me, should not always take the rating to heart honestly. There will always be people who downvote other peoples work; either for laughs or to spite them. I think you should keep making the type of music that makes YOU happy to make. So far I have not heard one track from you that I did not like. Hope you feel better eventually and regain the motivation.


2017-08-10 15:55:13

i've had someone write an essay on why i should kill myself and stop doing things, you have an above average score. i've spent years working on projects that amount to nothing and ultimately don't even gain attention. it is your decision


2017-08-10 16:04:50


Mio/Homura in its original form was downvoted to oblivion.
Now it's one of my best songs and my crown jewel.

Whether you have any crown jewels from here on out is all up to what you make of things. Your persistence is a strong enough message to those who hate you, don't let them win.


2017-08-13 00:51:54

Eh, don't take this stuff seriously, just keep making works you're personally proud of and focus on being happy with what you've worked on, and also, this rating system shouldn't be taken seriously all the time because sometimes your works are good enough but most of the people who vote on them are "trolls" so they vote things like 0 and 1 as a bit of a meme.

Also, look at it this way, some trolls zero bombed your works but the people who enjoy your music got it to at least 3.52 stars and kind of wiped out most of the damage from these zero bombers, and i'd say that's a pretty good rating. either way, good luck with your music, and don't take this stuff seriously.