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Warmer in the Winter "Fail or Success?"

Posted by ValeriaKitten - October 22nd, 2017

 Hey everyone, i'm gonna make my first review and some points of view about Charlie Smart's review from The Daily Campus.

Alright, Lindsey Stirling 4th official album has been released two days ago and some reviews are now approaching to destroy or loving the album.

Warmer in the Winter, with 13 songs which 3 of them are original, we have collaborations with Becky G, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, Sabrina Carpenter and Trombone Shorty.

Well, the album songs are not the traditional Christmas songs you'll always hear on the Holidays season, this is more than that. Lindsey has done it again with her EDM twist, who makes it more complex to understand the Christmas vibe in her album.

Now the arrangements, Lindsey is really good at arrangements, she makes it with popular songs making it sound better? Maybe, not everyone likes arrangements, but in this album it's different, giving popular songs a new vibe and twist, making our 2017 Holiday season way better. Personally i was getting bored of hearing the same Christmas songs, don't get me wrong, i like those songs but hearing the same year to year is kinda boring, and Lindsey's album appeared to the rescue.

Also, if you know Lindsey or at least you heard one of her most popular songs like Crystallize or Shatter Me, you know her style and you can't expect something "mainstream". That's what this album is special, is not a mainstream Christmas album.

The only con in this album was the release date. October 20th? Come on, at least she could release it on November!

Now it's time to analyse and "destroy" Charlie Smart's review (In a subjective way, like his review lawl)

Okay, it's beautiful how he called Lindsey a "none come close to the Mariah Carey standard of contemporary Christmas classics."

Seriously, who on earth will compare Mariah Carey and Lindsey Stirling? They are different styles. Mariah with her contemporary Pop music and Lindsey with her Classical Crossover music, trust me Charlie, learn a little bit of Lindsey and Mariah musical genre.

"We have enough Christmas music. With a few notable exceptions, most of the go-to holiday tunes were recorded before the U.S. had all 50 states, and contemporary releases are usually little more than blatant cash grabs. Throw together a few holiday classics whose copyrights have long expired and you can score yourself a nice payday."

Payday? Cash grabs?. You think we have enough Christmas music? Well, yeah, typical and refried songs every year. Let's start listening something new, like Los Vazquez Sounds christmas cover (Uploaded a few years ago) or Lindsey's album.

"The backing tracks sound like what might play if you googled “royalty-free Christmas music."

Wow, i'm LOLing so hard, maybe he doesn't know what Public domain is.

"Of the album’s 13 tracks, only three are original, and none come close to the Mariah Carey standard of contemporary Christmas classics."

As i said in the beginning, they are 2 different styles. Maybe he's a fan of Mariah as i'm a fan of Lindsey.

“...Warmer in the Winter,” which features the aptly-named trombone player Trombone Shorty. But, Stirling’s violin solo over swinging sleighbells misses all the notes and rhythms that make jazz, well…jazz."

Missing all the notes and rhythms? Wow, i recommend you to study some of Musical Theory or learn more about Jazz or simply learn of notes. How can you base that without knowing about Jazz, or violin? Damn boiiiiiiiii.

"Her “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” is an EDM-backed mess that would make Tchaikovsky glad he didn’t live to hear it. The arrangements on “I Saw Three Ships” and “Silent Night,” where Stirling takes a more traditional approach, are simple and uninspired.

Or maybe he doesn't know what a "Crossover genre" is, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy <--- Yeah, it's Fairy, not fairies lawl V: .  Well an EDM mess? You should hear some real EDM mess like the millionaire "Italian Stallion" Gianluca Vacchi's song Viento (italian stallion as Spinnin Records tag him). And again, the arrangements has Lindsey essence something that a "mainstreamy" reviewer like you might not understand :).

Conclusions, let's get back in a middle point between subjective and objective.

It can be possible that Charlie heard Lindsey's arrangement of "All I Want For Christmas". A very popular cover of Mariah Carey and he based all of his review out of this song.

Anyways. Sorry for being so subjective at "destroying" the review... But it deserve it >:3. Just kidding, they are some inconsistency about what he said and it's kinda unfair to critique and comparing an EDM Christmas album with the traditional Christmas music we always hear in this season.

Thanks for reading and if you want to say something be free to do it, i can improve my next reviews with your comments!.


Comments (3)

Haha, I just finished responding to Charlie's review in the Disqus comments below it. I actually went ahead and compared Mariah and Lindsey, not in terms of "better" and "worse," but in terms of originality. I thought it was comical that he would complain Lindsey's album wasn't inventive while also praising Mariah's. Regardless of our personal preferences, there's just no question that Lindsey's version has more creative composition happening. Anyway, thanks for creating this response. It was just a jerk move for him to give a 1/5 rating.

Lol that was a good read. Will you be doing more reviews on albums or reviews on other reviews?

I've basically learned to stop reading other people's reviews of other popular artists. They stop being genuine at the point where they start getting paid to blather on about their too-rich-for-our-blood taste, which may or may not even be good. But yeah, Lindsey Stirling might not be my cup of tea most of the time, but she occasionally puts out something good. It all sounds samey to me, but that's what got her where she is, consistency. For someone that loves her work, it's great. And Christmas albums just suck to me anyway, sooooo